November 28, 2008

Cottage Kennels
266 Kyle Road,
Kelowna, BC

Dear Charly and Deryk,

Russ and I want to thank you both again for being here on the Westside and offering a great service.

It was a big decision for us to adopt an adult sled dog from the SPCA. After we brought handsome Solo home, we felt it important to help our dog to keep his autonomy, some of his independent confidence,
when we can’t be around.

We were so pleased when we found out about your experience, and especially Charly’s special training with Malamutes. Solo is a Siberian Husky- Alaskan Malamute cross, a kind of dog who requires careful management. It is such a joy to leave our dog with someone who understands his Northern mind and can keep him safe and secure.

Like several of our friend’s dogs who come to Cottage Kennels, Solo is happy to see us when we come to retrieve him after a stay, but relaxed.
He’s not frantic to get into the car when we return, but displays an air of,

“Oh, hi. You’re back. What shall we do next?”

With years of previous experience with athletic dogs but none before with boarding, this is exactly the way we’d hoped it would be.

Now that we’ve found a safe haven for our dog when we are unable to take Solo with us, we enjoy being his guardians even more.

As we’ve said each time we’ve returned for our sled dog, we are very grateful that you, such knowledgeable and special people, are available to keep our dog safe when we’re away.


Russ and Deborah Greaves



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